Tuesday, August 2, 2016

FIFA 17: My Idea on EA for FUT

I had an idea on something EA could add for FUT in either next year, or down the road.

To me, the commentary in FUT usually seems boring, dry, and nonexistent. Personally, I love Draft and playing with different special cards. I think that EA should do a commentary update, every week, every other week, or even every month, and cover the players who got IFs/Special Cards over that time. It would add a bit more depth and realism, and is something that is small, but would be appreciated.

I know it might be tough to get Martin Tyler and Alan Smith in, and all the different language commentators, but it could be just a line or two on what the player did, when, and against who. By the way, if you need u4fifa fifa coins, welcome to our site.

Imagine if you could be the commentator instead. Not only is "Be the Referee" a new feature, now being a commentator is too!

1. Join a friends game or a random online game which has "Online Commentator" settings on.

2. You will recieve info about all players on the pitch and loads of information about the game and players.

3. If the players find you irritating (eg. screaming or not saying anything) they can kick you out the game.