Thursday, June 30, 2016

Guides for FIFA 17 Companion App

With the FIFA 17 companion app for IOS, Android and Windows Phone comes to us, you can manage your FUT 17 account from anywhere in the world. It will make you easy to play FIFA 17 and enjoy more fun about playing this game. Now I give you some guides about download & installation, features and others. And, the best in-game service provider, offer the cheap fifa 17 coins for sale. You buy cheapest fifa 17 coins safely and enjoying our fastest delivery at!

Download & Installation

To be eligible to use the FIFA 17 Companion App you need have an EA account connected to FIFA 17 via your Xbox One, 360, Playstation 4, PS3 or PC. Your EA Account serves as an all-access pass to everything EA, from mobile apps, websites, to your console and PC games. You will also need to have a FUT club and must have played a number of games to unlock transfer market functionality via the app. You will need to start on the web app before you can access the companion app.

Have you already downloaded the FIFA 16 Companion App? An update will be available on the release date which will transition it to FIFA 17. In the days leading to this update the FIFA 16 app will be shut off in preparation.

Please refer to the download information below near the predicted release date of September 18th, 2016. Alternatively, you can search ‘EA Sports FIFA 17 Companion’.

Companion iOS App Download
Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Companion Android App Download
Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

Companion Windows Phone App Download
Languages: Nederlands (Nederland), English (United States), Deutsch (Deutschland), Fran?ais (France), Italiano (Italia), Espa?ol (Espana, Alfabetizacion Internacional) and Portuguese (Brasil)


Please note that the features below will likely remain for the FIFA 17 Companion App, with a few additions that have yet to be confirmed.

FUT Draft

Previously available in the FIFA 16 Companion App, the FUT Draft game mode enables you to build an amazing squad by choosing between five players in each position. You can build the squad on your mobile device, ready to play the match on your console or PC.

Manage your Squad

Change your lineup, Chemistry and formation straight from your mobile device. Access Concept Squads to help plan your ultimate squad builder in FUT.
FUT Store

Open FUT packs using coins or FIFA Points right from your mobile device.


View and manage your FUT Club Items, including Players, Consumables.
Stay Connected

Stay in touch with friends via the EA SPORTS Football Club. Also view TOTW squad previews and history.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Highest Rated Cards in FIFA 17

With FIFA 17 set to drop in stores late September, we now reveal one of the biggest draw-dropping stats for the new release – the highest rated cards in the game. Gamers have been eager to get a sneak peak at FIFA 17 player ratings. We currently have some insight into the potential ratings for the top three players in FIFA 17.

We understand that Messi, Ronaldo and Luis Suarez will have the highest rated cards in the game. These are going to be the three players that everyone look at, with the inevitable debate about to happen again on if Ronaldo should have a higher rating than Messi for FIFA 17. Now you can buy fifa 17 ps3 coins at with a low price and instant delivery.

It’s worth pointing out that Messi’s contract with EA appears to have run out, which is why we see four new stars being promoted with the game launch – Rodriguez, Martial, Reus and Eden Hazard.

Will this have a bearing on his FIFA 17 rating though? According to YouTuber Fuji who has come up with these nice designs as well as rating, Messi will once again be 94 rated in FIFA 17.

Staying on the fence, we also see Ronaldo’s rating in FIFA 17 at 94 as well, which is a +1 upgrade from his FIFA 16 rating which we can definitely see happening.

The big one though is Luis Suarez who is undoubtedly going to get a massive upgrade after an amazing season with Barcelona. Suarez shipped with a 90 rating in FIFA 16, but in this prediction we see a 92 rating which would be nice if it happened.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Japan J1 League Comes into FIFA 17

I'm very happy to see MEIJI YASUDA J1 League and J.League Cup tournament will feature in FIFA 17 when the game launches this September. The J1 League is the top division of the Japan Professional Football League and is the top professional association football league in Japan.

As one of the most popular leagues in Asia, the J1 League has a global fanbase and is one of the most requested leagues from the EA SPORTS FIFA community. All 18 clubs that make up the J1 League will feature authentic logos, kits, and rosters. If you like JAPAN J1 LEAGUE players, why not buy fifa 17 coins to buy the players. Content from these clubs will be in our popular FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and other modes across FIFA 17.

The clubs of the J1 League:

Vegalta Sendai
Kashima Antlers
Urawa Reds
Omiya Ardija
Kashiwa Reysol
FC Tokyo
Kawasaki Frontale
Yokohama F. Marinos
Shonan Bellmare
Ventforet Kofu
Albirex Niigata
J├║bilo Iwata
Nagoya Grampus
Gamba Osaka
Vissel Kobe
Sanfrecce Hiroshima
Avispa Fukuoka
Sagan Tosu

In addition to all 18 clubs, Suita City Football Stadium, the new home of Gamba Osaka will be one of the new stadiums available in FIFA 17.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

FIFA 17: Take A Look At The "Chemistry Glitch"

The past few days, there has been a lot of speculation, questions, guessing, and such, first regarding the "fitness glitch" (which almost 100% has been confirmed now) and now mostly regarding the "chemistry glitch".

Therefore, I thought I would take a closer look at this "chemistry glitch", in a more technical and logical way, so let's jump straight into it:

What is the "fitness glitch", and why does it work?

There has been a lot of talk about the "fitness glitch", where ALL non-day one cards (all cards except the NIF, non-upgraded, non-transfered cards) start games with full fitness, meaning that you don't have to apply fitness to the cards. It has been tested, and the cards affected by the glitch seem to start every game with 100 fitness regarding what they show before the match.

Now, what (most likely) is the reason behind this "fitness glitch"? What has made it like this? The most logical reason in my eyes, after talking to what I consider "experts", is that when EA add new cards into their database, like a transferred card, upgraded card or an inform card, something is wrong in their system (whether it be the source code of the game, the database system, or something else), causing the fitness not taking affect when the match starts. My guess is that the fitness displays in the menu, but it also has to be applied to make the player feel more sluggish in-game. However, for some reason, the cards released after day one seem to be not be affected by this, and therefore always are stuck at "base fitness", which is 99 (what the card has when you get it).

Why are you talking about the "fitness glitch?

The "fitness glitch" is the whole reason behind the "chemistry glitch" hoax (in my opinion) being a thing. The reason for the "fitness glitch" is that the non-day one cards are always the default of the respective value, and not set to the proper value that they are meant to be at that very moment.

What is the "chemistry glitch" and why (most likely) does it work?

The "chemistry glitch" revolves around the fact that since the "fitness glitch" is the default value, the "chemistry glitch" has to be the default value too. This would mean that every non-day one card ALWAYS has 4 or 5 chem (depending on what the "base chem" is. This would be positive when playing the affected cards in "red" positions, and it would be negative when playing them in a "yellow", "green" or "hyper" position.

So, the 1 million dollar question: Why, most likely, does this work, and why do I believe that the "chemistry glitch" is all just a huge hoax?

The "fitness glitch", as I already explained, most likely happens because the system somewhere doesn't update the "real" value, when you enter a match. Fitness doesn't take effect before you enter a game, in my opinion, and when it doesn't take effect at all with the non-day one cards, we get the so-called "fitness glitch". However, with chemistry, I believe that the value takes effect instantly when he has 1-10 chemistry.
This would mean that if 4 chemistry is base stats, and every + chemistry would be one better stat (even though I don't think it's that simple, but let's use this as a simple example), the player would instantly get +6 stats, hidden, when he had full chem. For many different reasons that I won't bother to explain at this moment as it's pretty complex, and reasons that I've discussed with "experts", it seems logical that they are set before the game and not in-game.

Since there seems to be a problem with non-day one cards getting updated to the real value, there would NOT be a problem with chemistry since it's already set before the game starts.

And that's why I believe that the "chemistry glitch" is a hoax.

What about the handicapping, people playing well in FUT Draft (mostly IF cards) and people having "felt" this "chemistry glitch"?

It's all just the nocebo effect, with you believing that an inform with +1 stats will perform a lot better. I won't go more into this, because it won't help even if I explained it the very best possible. People still would believe want that wanted to believe.
NOW: I may have gotten really off track here, and I may have felt to explain my main point, but I need to perhaps see some tests and look more into this before writing a lot more. I will be updating this post frequently (hopefully), to make it more understandable, add new information, etc. I would REALLY appreciate you guys helping me out here, with tests and what you think about this., the best in-game service provider, offer the cheap fifa 17 coins for sale. You buy cheapest fifa 17 coins safely and enjoying our fastest delivery at!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Handle the Trouble with Passing

Recently, I have had a lot of trouble with passing. It seems that the man on the ball has too much pressure on him to make thoughtful passes, passes are being intercepted, and there just doesn't seem to be anyone open to make a pass. Any tips?

Maintaining possession and effectively passing while being pressed is extremely challenging. It's everything in this year's game though in my opinion. Mastering it is ultimately what separates the top players from the rest. You gotta relax and look for the opening. It will come., the best in-game service provider, offer the Cheap fifa 17 coins for sale. You buy cheapest fifa 17 coins safely and enjoying our fastest delivery at!

If it's heavy pressure, here are your options when receiving a pass:
quickly take a couple touches away from the pressure into space (backwards)
hold ground and shield with LT
first-time pass back
quick 1-2
dummy (LB)and hope he runs through
fake shot/scoop turn
Obviously you probably shouldn't attempt to dummy a pass to your back line or CDM. I do suggest trying all of these though and learning when and where on the pitch each is most effective. Do not attempt to turn into your opponent especially in your third or the midfield. You're just asking for trouble. Take what's given to you and wait. Just be calm and use the ball roll, drag back and reverse body feint when he gets too close and attempts a tackle. If he's running directly at you (in a line) and slide tackling, the roulette can be effective as well. Ideally you want to get rid of the ball before any of that's even possible... especially in your half. Giveaways here are what cause most conceded goals online.

Keep the ball and be smart with your passing. Be sure to set your tactics to short passing (<30) in custom tactics and use quick passes + lob switches to get him spread out. When you finally get a little time on the ball, turn and go. Don't hesitate. Learn how to no-touch dribble and chain a few quick 1-2s to get the attack started. It has to be fast though. You'll begin to see huge gaps opening up as your opponent scrambles to reorganize his opened up defense. If you can get enough of your teammates forward quickly, a driven pass to someone running at his back line will often get you a chance on goal. Don't use a through pass unless your teammate is wide open with plenty of space in front of him (although if he's clearly bending/angling his run and he's around the box, a through ball can be effective). More often than not you'll just end up giving it away as the ball will be played too far in front and the AI auto sends your opponent's goalkeeper out ridiculously early to intercept.

Honestly, the most difficult thing for me to learn was how to turn away from the rushing defender. Just take a soft touch and walk backwards with it. Roll away from the press and get rid of it. Keep doing this and you will see space open up. It's getting past those first 3-4 passes that is key to breaking high pressure.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

FIFA 17: My 87 Hulk at ST

This is my review of the Russian League TOTS players. The reason why I built this team is because I really wanted to use 87 Hulk at ST. This is the team, I will not review Boateng, Alaba or Neuer, because everybody already know these players. All my games are in D1.

Hulk The main man in the team. Even on 7 chem this man destroys everything! He is incredible, in the first 10 games he had 15 goals and 5 assists. WOW just WOW!( is providing fifa 17 points at cheap prices for gamers.)

Shatov has the Pace, 96 sprint speed. He will give any fullback a run for his money. His dribbling is close and he is agile. He will not loose the ball and if he is given a chance, he will find the back of the net! The only downside is his relatively low stamina 78, he will be out of breath in the 90th minute.
Promes The "cheap" Robben with a 4* WF. I really liked this dude more than Shatov. Even tho he is right footed, his strong WF will help alot! Great dribbling and LT+RT is a cheatmode with this guy! Pace, pace and pace!
SIF Eremenko THE engine of the team, he is litterally everywhere. Even if he is not a TOTS player this year, you will not find a better playmaker in the Russian League. He has longshots for days and playmaking ability of Iniesta. Great passing and he runs all day!

Dzagoev The other one, he is the deep lying playmaker. Great allround player who holds his how in the midfield. If he gets the ball, I'm confident with him to dribble past the opposition or pass it to your own team mate. He has a good shot on him too!

Wernbloom I really was excited to try out this guy, on paper he looked like the perfect CDM for this team. BUT this guy was the weak link in the midfield. I couldn't get this guy to work at all! He is almost always out of position, even when I instructed him to stay back. Nope, he was making runs to great attacking positions just to loose the ball. His controll on the ball is bad, just BAD! His shots went pretty much to row Z every time. If he was near a player he would get it back. But never did he do GREAT things for me.

Smolnikov One of the best RB I've used. His pace and defending does the job! He assisted Promes on the wing really well, his crosses is actually really good when he is deep inside the final third. Great to use in build up play. Better options for RB would be Zanetti, TOTS Carvajal and TOTS Srna. I really liked him!

Berezutskiy The other letdown in this team. Thank god for Boateng for holding up the defense, because this dude couldn't get the ball of a freaking child. He is so slow, that his defensive stats was irrelevant, players would just run around him. Stay at home defender, but not my cup of tea.

To round up this team:

Great for attacking plays! The quintet of Shatov - Hulk - Promes - Eremenko - Dzagoev was vital for me to win the games. The defence was the worst part, except for Alaba - Boateng - Smolnikov and shoutout to Neuer, the best keeper in the game! The two players Wernbloom and Berezutskiy was sold after ten games and replaced by Lahm and De Boer. Now the team is a D1 winning team, thanks to the "upgrades" Lahm and De Boer.

Monday, June 20, 2016

FIFA 17 Three Pre-Order Options

FIFA 17 hits store shelves on September 27. Start your season on the front foot with these pre-order offers. Of course, if you need fifa 17 pointswelcome to our site.

First of all, I want to say that if you pre-order any digital edition of FIFA 17 through your Xbox One and you’ll get an entire month of EA Access, totally free. That means you can play a growing collection of EA’s best Xbox One games as much as you want, including Battlefield? Hardline, Madden NFL 16, Titanfall?, and more. Plus, EA Access members get to play new EA games before they’re released for a limited time, and save 10% on all EA digital purchases on the Xbox Games Store – including FIFA 17 Points.

Super-Deluxe Edition: This is Full game Digital only mode with 40 FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (2 per week for  20 weeks – worth up to $120). There are 8 match FUT loan items of Hazard, Martial, Reus, Rodriguez. custom FUT kits created for designers or FUT Track Artists.

And If you already have FIFA 16 on PS4, XB1 or PC, you can still order FIFA 17 and that too with a discount of 10 percent on the buy.

Deluxe Edition: Carries Full-game with Up to 20 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (1 per week for 20 weeks – worth $60 and 3 match FUT Team of the Week loan player (up to 1) player per week for 20 weeks. 8 match FUT loan item of Hazard, Martial, Reus, or Rodriguez. Custom FUT kits created by designers or FIFA soundtrack artists.

Standard Edition: Full Game with upto to 5 FUT Draft Tokens 1 per week over 5 weeks – worth up to $15. 8 match FUT loan item of Hazard, Martial, Reus, or Rodriguez and Custom FUT kits created by designers or FIFA soundtrack artists.

FIFA won’t be just having an improvised look but also it will offer a completely new experience with a changed set up in terms of visual and gameplay viewpoint with the newly incorporated Frostbite engine. The basic change that the new engine is set to bring forth is the increase in the level of Competition. Apparently, the change in engine comes in response of Konmai’s Pro Evolution Soccer that had scored equally with FIFA on the Metacritic Scores for Playstation 4, the score being 82 in the 2015 series of both. Notwithstanding this, the 2016 sweries saw FIFA 16 with a score of 82 while PES 16 scoring a whopping 87. PES has been powered by the FOX Engine with better ball physics, environments and overall flow of action.