Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Answers for FIFA 17 FUT Web App

Today I will answer some FIFA 17 Fut Web App's questions, here we go.

Q: How do I register in Origin?

A: To access FUT Web App, you need to be registered on Origin. If you’re not, just go to Origin website and select ‘Join Now’. After the conclusion of the process, you’ll be able to login to the FUT Web App for FIFA 17.

Q: Do I need to do anything to enable the FUT Web App for FIFA 17?

A: No. It’s automatic. The app for FUT 16 will be taken down for maintenance a few days before the FUT 17 Web App release date. By the way, if you need cheapest fifa 17 coins, welcome to our site.

Q: Which one is launched first: FUT Web App for FIFA 17 or early access of EA and Origin Access?

A: FUT Web App.

Q: Why should I use the FUT Web App for FIFA 17?

A: The big advantage of using the FUT Web App is that it is the fastest and more comfortable way to managing one’s club. Most traders use it for searching, selling and buying cards because these actions imply frequent quick visits to the market during the day.

Q: I want to go back to the FUT Web App for FIFA 16. Where I can find it?

A: You can’t. After the FUT Web App release for FIFA 17 it is not possible anymore to access the FUT Web App for FIFA 16. However, you still can control your squad in the console.

Q: Is it possible to use the FUT Web App to manage a squad I own in another console?

A: Yes. You just have to click in the ‘FUT Persona Selector’ icon that you can find in the top right corner. Be sure to change to the persona you want and wait until the FUT Web App be restarted with the selected persona.

Q: Is FUT 17 Web App free?

A: Sure. You just need a PC with an internet connection and the last version of Flash installed.

Q: I am registered in Origin but I can’t get into the FUT Web App for FIFA 17. Why?

A: The FUT 16 Web App early access is only for who have created a security question/answer before August 1st 2016. If you are a new player, you will need to play in the console first before you can access to the Apps.

Q: I can access to the FUT Web App but the market is unavailable. Why?
A: If you haven’t played FUT 16 in the console where you plan to play FUT 17, the Apps will not make available the market’s earlier access. You need to validate your FIFA 17 account in the new console to unlock the market.

Q: How can I take advantage of early access?
A: Follow the tips we have in our FIFA 17 Starting Guide.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

FIFA 17 Leicester City Ratings Predictions

One of the stand out stories of the 2015-16 season, the idea of Leicester City avoiding relegation, let alone winning the title, was a fantasy for many. The Premier League champions have stolen the hearts of many over the last year or so, and EA will almost certainly be delivering major upgrades to the squad. And now you can buy fifa 17 coins at with a low price and instant delivery.

GK – Ron Robert Zieler – 80
One of many talented German goalkeepers plying their trade in Europe, Zieler looks set to be a sturdy replacement for the outgoing Schmeichel. Consistency with Hannover for years should see him step up to being a rare card – but I would be surprised to see his rating change for next year.

GK – Kasper Schmeichel – 80
Schmeichel Jr. made huge strides towards emulating the legendary achievements his father made with a highly successful season in goal for Leicester – and though he may be heading out of the club EA will almost certainly boost his rating significantly this summer.

RB – Danny Simpson – 76
The former Man United academy man has perhaps fulfilled some of the talent he once held at Old Trafford, with strong performances across the second half of the season. A major boost from silver to gold should be expected for the full back.

RB – Richie De Laet – 73
A season of moderate success for De Laet, in which he largely played as back up to Simpson, should see his card receive a minor upgrade for FIFA 17, and like Simpson go closer to fulfilling the promise invested in him at Manchester United

LB – Christian Fuchs – 79
Despite a poor Euro 2016, Fuchs was widely regarded as the best left back in the country through his stellar performances last year, with offensive and defence contributions for his side. The Austrian full back will certainly step up to a gold card, and should see a major boost to land himself comfortable stats in the gold category.

CB – Wes Morgan – 81
The lynchpin of the defence, Wes Morgan was arguably one of the best players of the season for both Leicester and the nation as a whole. His composure and reliability at the back for Leicester were crucial in maintaining their winning run across the tougher months of the campaign, and without doubt Morgan’s role at the heart of the back make him a candidate for one of the largest upgrades we’ll see in FIFA 17. I fully expect him to be a strongly rated defender next year, with gold being virtually guaranteed and a rating that exceeds 80 not an impossibility.

CB – Robert Huth – 81
Huth was different to some of his lesser known teammates at the start of the season having had playing time at Stoke in the league before – yet his exploits for Leicester alongside Morgan still see him well in line for a strong upgrade going into FIFA 17. Another player who looks set to break the 80 barrier, I would imagine EA giving the pair equal ratings and thus I see the pair receiving 81 each.

RM – Riyad Mahrez – 83
The Premier League Player of the Year is in line for a rating to place him as one of the league’s strongest wingers. His sheer volume of special cards last year are a testament to his performances over the season – as his award as the best player of the league show. He should comfortably step over the 80+ barrier, and be given a rating that places him as one of the division’s strongest players.

LM – Marc Albrighton – 76
Yet another unsung hero of the Leicester team, Albrighton enjoyed a fantastic season at Leicester this year, earning himself talk of an England call up and playing in every game of the season. He should definitely be the recipient of an upgrade to gold, and whilst I’ve predicted 76 it could well exceed that number.

LM – Demarai Gray – 71
Whilst his appearances were mainly limited to the bench, it is clear that the former Birmingham man holds great potential for the future, and looked promising whenever given the spotlight by Ranieri. He should receive a boost within the silver ratings, to make him one of the strongest silver cards in the league.

LM/LB – Jeffrey Schlupp – 70
Another player that saw large stints on the bench, the Ghanaian was impressive when he featured, enough so to earn a minor upgrade within the silver ranks to break the 70+ barrier. His versatility as a full back or a more offensive winger leave his position dubious for next year, but he should receive a small upgrade.

CM – Danny Drinkwater – 79
Drinkwater enjoyed a phenomenal season in the middle of the pitch for Leicester, only missing out on more plaudits through the efforts of the teammates playing around him, and became the player many English fans were most annoyed at being left out of the England squad for Euro 2016. The popularity of the player makes him another likely target for a huge boost in rating, which should place him well into the gold ratings.

CM – N’Golo Kante – 83
Dubbed the new Makelele by many, Kante was considered by many to be Leicester’s most important player of the 2015-16 season, and his exemplar tackling and interceptions across the season leave him well placed for a considerably major upgrade going into FIFA 17. Certainly EA would face mass uproar from many if Kante isn’t one of the largest boosts for the next game.

CM – Andy King – 73
Andy King broke a Premier League record by being the first player to have won the three highest divisions in the PL era – and as Leicester’s longest serving player, the midfielder is well regarded with the fans of the club. Whilst he spent long parts of the season behind Drinkwater and Kante, he played well when given the opportunity, and should receive a moderate upgrade.

ST – Jamie Vardy – 82
Perhaps the most iconic player from the Leicester story, Vardy has become synonymous with the entire concept of ‘rags to riches’ in football, and has the adulation of half of the footballing world. With such praise and plaudits given to the guy it would be impossible for EA not to make his card amongst the greatest upgrades in the game, and I see him being placed straight into the 80+ region from the very start of the game.

ST – Shinji Okazaki – 78
His goal scoring statistics were poor over the course of the season, especially when compared to Vardy’s – however the goals he did score were often at crucial times for Leicester, and ensured their title challenge lost momentum in the crucial moments. I expect him to maintain his rating going into next season.

ST – Leonardo Ulloa – 73
Just as Okazaki had a meagre goal tally across the season, Ulloa also found himself shy of goals over the year too – though being behind the two strikers before him won’t have helped. Even so, the strong Leicester performance should mask his inadequacies and prevent him from getting a downgrade next year.

ST – Ahmed Musa – 77
As with what usually happens when a player moves to the Premier League, EA should lavish an upgrade on Musa for joining the league champions. It does help that Musa is one of the most talented young African players around, and definitely holds considerable talent as a striker for the team he plays with. A minor boost seems fitting.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

FIFA 17 Women's Teams

When the news dropped that FIFA 16 would include women's teams, a lot of players, men and women, were pretty psyched. Users could choose from over 12 national teams and could compete in either match day, an offline tournament, or online friendly seasons. Now it's been confirmed that FIFA 17 Women's National Teams will be featuring in the game! It appears that FIFA 17 will see an expanded list of Women's National teams, rumoured to be 16 teams in total. If you want to buy cheap fifa 17 coins for this, welcome to our site.

FIFA 17 Women's National Teams

Confirmed Teams

We'll update all the confirmed teams here.

Leaked Teams

The first new FIFA 17 Women's National Team making the list appears to be Norway after a recent leak from the Norwegian forward Ada Hegerberg. The Olympique Lyonnais forward posted to her Instagram with a picture of what appears to be an EA face scan / interview for the game, captioned "#FIFA17 . Rumored that COD also wanted some of the pictures." Norway are currently ranked 11th in the FIFA World Rankings for 24th June, 2016.

Rumoured Teams

Based on the FIFA World Rankings from June (shown in brackets) and previously included teams in FIFA 16, we can begin to speculate which FIFA 17 Women's National Teams will be included in the game. You'll notice that certain teams such as Japan, who are currently ranked 7th, were not included last year. This makes us think that they won't feature this year either.

Returning from FIFA 16

It's likely that all teams that EA obtained the licenses for last year, will be returning to FIFA 17.

USA (1)
Germany (2)
France (3)
England (4)
Australia (5)
Sweden (6)
Brazil (8)
Canada (10)
China (12)
Spain (14)
Italy (18)
Mexico (27)
New to FIFA 17

Our prediction as to which new teams will feature in FIFA 17 are as follows;

Norway (11)
Netherlands (13)
Switzerland (15)
Iceland (16)

Which FIFA 17 Women's National Teams would you like to see included in the game? If you have any information, share it in the comments!

Friday, July 15, 2016

More Detalis about Starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

I have written some tips on starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, now I will give you more details about it. Wish to help you a lot, and you can buy fifa 17 coins at our site. Now, let's go!

Build a solid FIFA 17 squad builder

Use your Webstart / EA Access investments for your own squad builder, ready to sell upon release. Your focus for your squad builders should be on players that will likely rise in price and those that you can get at a bargain. Again, think in terms of popular players (hyped league, pacey and good skill moves).

Play against weaker opponents!

When building a squad, put your lowest rated players from your club on your bench (the players that you don’t plan on subbing on), as it lowers your squad rating. This makes weaker players more inclined to play you. You will win more matches in the long run and build your experience as chances are you will have more possession of the ball.

Purchase items from the EASFC Catalogue and quick sell

Needing an extra coin boost? Firstly make sure you purchase match reward boosts to obtain extra coins from matches. Next, purchase kits and balls and look to quick sell them (quick sell values are higher for EASFC items of this type). You can also purchase loan items if you feel you need to strengthen your squad.

Tip: Ask friends to offer EASFC items to you to get them cheaper.

Turn on the FIFA Trainer

With the new attacking techniques, set-piece rewrites and a different feel to gameplay, you will want to utilise the FIFA Trainer. The trainer will give you contextual feedback on how to play at a higher level. In-game tutorials will also help you grasp new aspects of the game when you first start FIFA 17!

Complete the skill games

If you’re a first time FIFA player, you will want to use the skill games mode to learn the finer aspects of the game. This is traditionally for beginner level players, as most experienced users will breeze through the different challenges.

Don’t spend fifa 17 coins unnecessarily

Focus on what’s important. You don’t need to have several squads initially, or expensive kits, badges and balls. Coins that are free to trade with will be worth significantly more to you.

Consumables will be in lower demand during Webstart & Early Access

Consumables are needed when games are being played. During Webstart pretty much no games will be being played in FUT, except for a few that have managed to get early access, even earlier. During EA Access, significantly less games will be being played than when the game is released. Purchase your consumables during this time as when the game is out demand will likely outweigh any increase in supply, causing prices to increase. Bidding on consumables at unpopular trading hours (2.30-5.30am UK) is a good way to pick them up at their cheapest.

Don’t quit matches

Your DNF (did not finish) will increase if you quit matches, which will reduce the number of fifa 17 coins you can receive at the end of a match. It may be tempting, but in the long run you will cost yourself a lot of coins.

Purchase managers wisely

There’s no point in spending excessively on a manager when you’re just looking for the bonus. Purchase a manager that ensures the 50% bonus for as cheap as possible.

You don’t lose chemistry when making subs

This means you can sub on a world class loan player, or favourite player that plays in a different league / nation without losing any chemistry. Take note of this as it can help give your team a boost.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tips of Starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

If you’re planning on starting your FUT 17 journey then you’ll certainly be in excellent shape. For returning FUT 16 users, we strongly recommend you spend time optimising here. We’re going to simplify all of that advice into our top tips!

1. Start during Web App Webstart & EA / Origin Access

While not essential, you should look to start FIFA 17 Ultimate Team during Web App Webstart & EA / Origin Access. Doing so can significantly help you to build an amazing squad builder early. Webstart will offer a lot of opportunities to make easy fifa 17 coins as player prices will be relatively cheap. EA Access will allow you to play FIFA 17 before it is released, meaning you can become familiar with the game before opponents. You’ll also be able to redeem items from the EASFC catalogue with your automatically transferred Football Club Credits (FCC). Both of these aspects combined will help to give you an edge over opponents.

2. Open returning user, pre-order, starter packs & daily gifts

The first thing you should do is open all of your free packs and also your daily gifts, every day! This will form the structure of your club and coin totals. Your returning user, pre-order and starter packs should be more than enough to get you on your way. Daily gifts offer that extra boost when you start FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Definitely open the daily gifts every day as they are worth significantly more at the start of FIFA 17 as opposed to the end.

3. Liquidate most of your packed items

The majority of items that you pack will not be worth all that much and should be sold on the transfer market to boost your coin totals. Coins when you first start FIFA 17 Ultimate Team will be worth significantly more in terms of trading. That being said, you should keep expensive items when starting during Webstart / EA Access and sell them shortly after the official worldwide release. After a lot of research, the majority of prices seem to peak at the release date and start a steady decline shortly afterwards. A big contributor to falling prices is the number of packs being opened. The first big market crash will be a time when a lot of pack offers are released, such as November for FUT United.

4. Focus on trading with popular players in popular leagues

When you start FIFA 17 Ultimate Team during Webstart or Early Access, there are two methods you can use. We suggest a combination of both. If you start at the official release, use the latter.

Invest in popular players, playing in popular leagues that will see the biggest percentage increase in price. The best way to obtain these players is BIN Sniping, the 59th minute or patiently bidding on any that are ending within the next few minutes.
Start making quick profits using methods such mass bidding, investing in player performances, 400 coin bronze packs and the previously mentioned 59th minute / BIN sniping.
Please note: You can take mass bidding on a bigger scale when redeeming EASFC catalogue items which boost your transfer list and targets size.

5. Always keep coins in your account

It’s always best to keep a fifa 17 coins buffer. Investment opportunities can crop up all of a sudden and sometimes you may not have time to offload an investment. This is especially the case with player performances and can become very lucrative, very quickly.

6. If you buy packs, only use FIFA points at the start

We understand opening packs is great fun, but it will cost you fifa 17 coins and FIFA points in the long run. However, it can be beneficial to open FIFA 17 packs using FIFA points during early access! This is especially the case if you don’t have many coins in your account and you need a bit of a boost. It may help you to cement a fairly solid starting team and coins buffer.

7. Check the Transfer Market

If you’re having doubts on a player’s value, check the transfer market. Not doing so costs FIFA Ultimate Team players millions upon millions of coins each year. List players at 1 hour when possible to increase the listings’ exposure to potential buyers.

8. Complete easy manager tasks for a free pack

While slightly boring, completing the manager tasks shouldn’t take long at all and will also be an optimal use of your time during EA Access.

9. Take advantage of the Concept Squads feature

You can use the Concept Squads feature to draft your team. This will help you to figure out which players you want to build around and how much your full team will cost you. Don’t look into a player’s OVR too much, look more into individual stats based on your formation, while ensuring 100 chemistry. Also look into workrates, traits and specialities when considering a player for a specific position.

10. Take note of the player’s strong foot

When you are building your squad, choose players with a strong foot in their position. With strikers / center forwards, central midfielders and center backs, you’ll want to take note of whether they are positioned on the left or right.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

FIFA 17 New Attacking Techniques

Gameplay is a backbone of the FIFA franchise and it's something the team at EA Vancouver is incredibly proud of. FIFA 17 continues this legacy with new ways to attack your opposition's goal.

To get a better grasp of all the different attacking techniques available in FIFA 17, we spoke with Sam Rivera, lead gameplay producer for FIFA 17 to explain it. And if you need cheapest fifa 17 coins, our site is your best choice.

Tell us about the new ways players can attack in FIFA 17

We've introduced new attacking options that fans have asked for and we're excited for them to use - starting with two new driven shots. The first is the low shot. You power it up like a normal shot but you press the shoot button a second time before making contact with the ball. This results in a ball that is low to the ground and great for when you’re aiming at the bottom corners of the goal. These types of shots also have a new variety of ball error.

The other is the low finesse shot. This time, you press the RB/R1 shot modifier while pressing the shoot button a second time before making contact. When done correctly, this results in a low and swerving ground shot that is usually aimed towards the bottom corner of the goal.

What about headers, anything new there?

We’re now making it possible to direct your headers downwards, again meant to make it more difficult for the keeper to reach.

How do you do that?

As with the driven shots, you press the corresponding button a second time to have your player push the ball downwards and not upwards. You can also do this same action on volleys, a second button press will give you the ability to keep your volleys lower.

The through pass is a very effective mechanic in the game, anything new added there?

We now have it that you can place a through pass further into space by pressing RB/R1 + Y/Triangle. When performed in the right situation your attackers should have a better chance on goal.

You mentioned driven finishing shots, do keepers have anything similar to get the ball back into play?

Yes, we’ve introduced two options for keepers. They can now do driven drop kicks or driven throws.

Do you need to press the button a second time to do this?

No. This time, you hold the RB/R1 to do driven kicks or throws. RB/R1 + X/Square or B/Circle will have the keeper kick the ball with a lower but faster trajectory while RB/R1 + A/Cross will see the keeper throw the ball with a similar lower trajectory but with much more power. When done correctly this will result in more fast break counter-attacking opportunities.

Monday, July 11, 2016

New Stuff in FIFA 17

Let’s see which skill moves were removed and which ones were added to FIFA 17:

FUT 16 >> FUT 17

Removed the following skill moves:
To be announced soon
Added the following skill moves:
Fake Pass Exit
Neymar Stepover Exit
Okocha Sombrero

FUT 15 >> FUT 16

Removed the following skill moves:
360 Pass
Scoop Pass
Standing Heel Volley
Falling Hell Volley
Added the following skill moves:
Fake Rabona to Heel Flick Turn
Stepovers to Bolasie Flick Left/Right
Bolasie Flick Left/Right to Overhead Flick
Fake Pass to Fake Drag Back
Fake Pass to Fancy Pass
Fake Pass to Quick Ball Rolls to Drag Back
Ball Roll Flick to Rabona Shot
Reverse In air elastico

FUT 14 >> FUT 15

Removed the following skill moves:
Scoop Turn Right (4*)
Scoop Turn Left (4*)
Heel Chop Right (4*)
Heel Chop Felft (4*)
Drag Back Fake and Exit Right (5*)
Drag Back Fake and Exit Left (5*)
Added the following skill moves:
Spin Left (4*)
Spin Right (4*)
Ball Roll Cut Right (4*)
Ball Roll Cut Left (4*)
360 Pass (5*)
Scoop Pass (5*)
Standing Heel Volley (5*)
Falling Heel Volley (5*)

For more information you can visit our site, you can find fifa coins for sale here too.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Can We Get Free FIFA 17 Points?

You know how on other games they will give you free daily stuff, or a small prize for every game you play? They should add that on FIFA IMO. Something like you have to log in every 24 hours to get 150 fifa 17 points for free. Or something like 10 fifa 17 points for every game you finish.

I know COD does something similair to this with a small amount COD points at the end of every game you play. Sure there could be ways to exploit it maybe, like the glitches on PC at the moment but maybe it would motivate some people to play more games or check in on Fifa more often.

This would also mean that people who don't have the money to buy Fifa Points can still open some packs without spending their hard earned coins on it. You already have to play like 10-15 matches to get enough coins for a premium gold pack and you also need the coins for consumables and players etc.

This is my thoughts, some players say that "Never going to happen because as you said, people will find a way to exploit it." "free Fifa points? but mate, where is the money in it for EA? lol this beloved game of ours is such a wallet sucking abyss each year I limit myself to only spend during TOTS and TOTY." Maybe It will never come true.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

FIFA 17 Set Piece Rewrite

FIFA 17's Set Piece Rewrite lets players inject personality and experience control in every dead ball situation. To better explain what's been changed and introduced in FIFA 17 let's listen to Sam Rivera's answers. By the way, if you need fifa 17 coins, is providing fifa 17 coins at cheap prices for gamers.

Brief Introduction of Seting Piece Rewrite

Set pieces in FIFA had used the same system for many years and it was time for a change. We've looked at every aspect of set pieces in the game - free kicks, penalties, corners, throw-ins - to give players greater freedom and control in how they take them.

For example, our corner kick mechanics in FIFA 17 is very different from earlier years and feels really fun. There are now many more ways you can take a corner, leading to more scoring chances or other attacking opportunities.

The Differences about corners

First of all, the aiming is different. In the past, the longer you held a button, the further the ball travelled because of the added power. Now, using the left stick allows you to aim exactly where in the box you want the cross delivered. This works by moving a reticule on the screen that represents the target of your cross. Tapping the button results in a ball that has a loopy trajectory, good when aiming for the far post or taller players. However if you hold the button longer then you'll have a more driven trajectory ball, for a near post move, or a flick on.

You can also switch to and control players in the box, which allows you to adjust where they are in the area. You can move them around to create greater space and a better attempt on goal.


Penalties are really cool this year. You can now adjust your starting position and control how you approach the ball. Obviously the faster you approach the ball the more power you have in your shot. It's also more likely you could mess up the shot, so there is a decision to make before taking a strike. When you power up you will have the same shooting mechanic as in regular gameplay - the longer you power up, the higher and harder the ball travels.

Is this the same for free kicks?

Yes, it's very similar for free kicks. You place yourself behind the ball where you want to start your run. Your placement behind the ball will affect the spin. The further back you go, the more power you can get in your shot. You can decide to shoot from the inside or outside of the ball to adjust your shot. As with penalties, the longer you hold, the more power and elevations you get in each shot.

New Thing with Throw-Ins

We have a few new thing with throw-ins. In the past, players did not have the freedom to move along the touchline. Now, the thrower can walk the line to gain a better position on the throw.

You can also do fake throws. This works in the same way as when you take a fake shot; you start your pass but a quick press of another button stops your throwing motion. This allows you to fake out your opponent and potentially pass the ball to an unmarked player.

FIFA 17: Cover Vote Begins

Lionel Messi has been FIFA's main cover star for four years, but this time, the box won't feature him at all. FIFA 17's cover vote begins today. Who will be on the cover of FIFA 17? Manchester United’s Anthony Martial, Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, and Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus are all vying for the covetous cover.

FIFA gamers can now cast their vote on the official EA website here. Voting ends on July 19 when Messi successor will be announced. By the way, is providing cheap fifa 17 coins at cheapest prices for gamers.

Seems Lionel Messi will not return as the face of FIFA for the next installment in the franchise. The Barcelona and Argentina striker has been on the cover for FIFA for the last couple of years.

Messi is currently having one of the worst month’s of his career after loosing the Copa America trophy to Chile. He was also found guilty of tax evasion in Spain and was given a 21-month suspended sentence.

"James, Martial, Hazard, and Reus represent exciting, attacking football and epitomize the innovative play that fans can expect in FIFA 17," EA Sports senior producer Nick Channon said. "We’re excited to see fans rally around their favorite players and see who they select as the cover star for the franchise and the footballer who will represent FIFA 17 globally."

FIFA 17 will be released worldwide on September 29 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC gamers.

Cast your vote now.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Guides on FIFA 17 Daily Gifts

If you want to get free fifa coins, read this guide, I will show you some details about FIFA 17 daily gifts. Here we go!

It is really easy to get a free daily gift. You just need to log in into your FUT Web App or console account to get it. If you skip it, you will be able to find it in the FUT store, under the ‘My Packs’ tab. Obviously, you can only redeem your offer in one of the daily gifts seasons we have posted.

Every day you do it, you get fifa coins or a free pack. If you forget to log in you lose the offer of that day. The daily gift expires everyday at midnight (UK time) and then it starts a new one.

Here it is what you can get in a daily gift:


Category: Bronze

Cards’ Type: Players, consumables and club’s items

Cards: 4 (all Bronze)

Rare Cards: 0

Price: Free

New in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: No

Rarity: Depends of the gifts and rewards

Overview: Smaller than a standard Bronze Pack, and going fast. A mix of 4 items, all bronze with at least one player.


Category: Silver

Cards’ Type: Players, consumables and club’s items

Cards: 4 (all Silver)

Rare Cards: 0

Price: Free

New in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: No

Rarity: Depends of the gifts and rewards

Overview: Smaller than a standard Silver Pack, and going fast. A mix of 4 items, all silver with at least one player.


Category: Gold

Cards’ Type: Players, consumables and club’s items

Cards: 4 (all Gold)

Rare Cards: 0

Price: Free

New in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: No

Rarity: Depends of the gifts and rewards

Overview: Smaller than a standard Gold Pack, and going fast. A mix of 4 items, all gold with at least one player.


Category: Bronze

Cards’ Type: Players, consumables and club’s items

Cards: 8 (1 Gold + 1 Silver + 6 Bronze)

Rare Cards: 1

Price: Free

New in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: No

Rarity: Depends of the gifts and rewards

Overview: A special pack, with at least one gold card, and with an increased chance of a legend.


Category: Gold

Cards’ Type: Players, consumables and club’s items

Cards: 4 (all Gold)

Rare Cards:4

Price: Free

New in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: No (new in FUT 16)

Rarity: Depends of the gifts and rewards

Overview: A mix of four items including a player rated 85-90 on loan


Category: Gold

Cards’ Type: Players, consumables and club’s items

Cards: 4 (all Gold)

Rare Cards: 4

Price: Free

New in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: No (new in FUT 16)

Rarity: Depends of the gifts and rewards

Overview: A mix of four items including a legend player on loan


Category: Gold

Cards’ Type: Players, consumables and club’s items

Cards: 4 (all Gold)

Rare Cards: 1

Price: Free

New in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: No (new in FUT 16)

Rarity: Depends of the gifts and rewards

Overview: A mix of four items including Lionel Messi on loan


Category: FIFA Coins

Cards’ Type: –

Cards: –

Rare Cards: –

Price: Free

New in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: No (new in FUT 16)

Rarity: Depends of the gifts and rewards

Overview: Minimum of 2 000 fifa coins to spend in whatever you want


Category: FIFA Coins

Cards’ Type: –

Cards: –

Rare Cards: –

Price: Free

New in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: No (new in FUT 16)

Rarity: Depends of the gifts and rewards

Overview: Minimum of 4 000 fifa coins to spend in whatever you want

If you want to know more information about FIFA 17, welcome to our site.

Monday, July 4, 2016

FIFA 17 Demo Guides

FIFA 17 Demo is expected to be available on September 12/13/14, 2016 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms. The FIFA 17 demo will be a snippet of the full game. It’s designed to show users what the full game will be like. The features are limited in most respects and your progress will not carryover from the demo into the full game. By the way, if you want to know more news, welcome to our site, you can find fifa coins for sale here too.

Release Dates – Updated

As we’ve detailed for quite some time now, we’re predicting the FIFA 17 demo will be released September 13th, 2016. However, looking at previous years it’s evident that this date will fluctuate based on your console, Xbox Live membership type and region. Last year, the FIFA 16 demo released from September 8th – 10th, 2015. This shows that there can be up to 2 days difference in the release time for FIFA 17.

Xbox Membership

The following times are estimated for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. UK times listed are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), US times are Pacific Time (PT). Unlike the PSN store, it appears that when there is a new update pushed through to Xbox Live, it becomes live within the store fairly quickly.

Xbox Live Gold – Worldwide

UK: Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 at 10am GMT.
US: Monday, September 12th, 2016 at 11pm PT.

Xbox Live Silver – Worldwide

Exactly one week later for Xbox Live Silver membership holders.

UK: Tuesday, 20th September, 2016 at 10am GMT.
US: Monday, 19th September, 2016 at 11pm PT.

Playstation Platform

The PSN store will update at different times depending on your location. Again, UK times listed are GMT, and US times are PT.

Playstation 3 & 4 – Europe

UK: Tuesday, 13th September, 2016 at 8am GMT.

Playstation 3 & 4 – US

US: Monday, 13th September, 2016 at 9pm PT.

PC – Worldwide

UK: Tuesday, 13th September, 2016 at 8am GMT.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

FIFA 17 Nolito Can be Even Better

If there is one player due for a FIFA 17 upgrade when the game ships in September, it is probably Spain international Nolito. The Celta Vigo winger has just signed for Manchester City, adding to Summer transfers such as Gundogan who has already been confirmed.

Nolito was arguably one of the best top 10 cheap wingers to buy in FIFA 16 and he was one of the highest rated non rare gold cards with his 82. Of course, if you have lots of fifa 17 ps4 coins, you can buy other powerfull wingers.

After his good performances, EA may decide to upgrade him to an 83 card and finally make him a rare-gold for FIFA 17. Do you think this would be justified, as a lot of talk on social media still say he is very inconsistent.

His 82 card on FIFA 16 had great overall stats and also great free kick ability, meaning his FIFA 17 card is going to be even better. Featuring for Spain during Euro 2016 won’t have harmed his chances of a FIFA 17 upgrade either.